• I understand that you're feeling a disconnect between your values and your current job. That's a difficult place to be, but it's not uncommon and it's certainly not impossible to navigate. These feelings can sometimes be the start of profound change and transformation.

    Roman Krznaric, author of "How to Find Fulfilling Work", suggests that confusion about career choice is quite normal, especially given the wide range of jobs available today. So, firstly, acknowledge your feelings and confusion without judgment.

    Secondly, it might help to take some time to identify what your passions, talents, and values are. What brings you joy? What feels meaningful to you? Is there a cause or issue that you feel particularly drawn to?

    Thirdly, remember you have two broad choices: either go into the business world and strive to change its values from within, or create a new possibility outside that realm that aligns with your calling. This process may take time, so don't rush it. Be patient with yourself as you get clear about what you truly want.

    Fourthly, keep in mind the idea of finding purpose within your current job. Some studies show that how we frame our work can significantly impact our experience of it. Even if your job seems menial or meaningless to others, you might be able to find value and purpose in it when you shift your perspective.

    Lastly, remember that even small gestures and interactions can change the world. At ServiceSpace, we believe every act of kindness or service contributes to a more compassionate world. You might be surprised how much of an impact you can make right where you are!

    Don't lose hope. Keep exploring, stay open, and trust that you will find a path that aligns with your values and gives you a sense of fulfillment.