• The Yoga of Radiant Presence is about noticing the actuality of our experience. It's about recognizing that our experience, or all reality, is made out of something I call radiant presence. This term is just a designation, a way to refer to the actuality of what is.

    Radiant presence is always present, always here. It's the field of experience that is real and undeniable. It presents itself as experiential characteristics, always showing up as something. It can be colors, sounds, thoughts, subtle vibes, or anything else you might experience.

    This radiant presence is infinitely subtle and unresolvable. It's beyond any heavy-handed interpretation or definition we might try to impose on it. It's a transcendental field of presence that is always fully manifest, yet we often don't notice it because of our pre-established patterns and interpretations.

    The essence of this yoga is coming to identify and notice this radiant presence. Once you notice it, it clearly and obviously conveys its nature, granting realization and liberation. It's about seeing that all seeming coarseness is actually a transcendental subtlety.

    So, in essence, the Yoga of Radiant Presence is about recognizing and being with this presence outside of interpretation, outside of an interpretive framework, outside of a context that you're holding it to be. It's about noticing the actuality of this condition and letting it reveal its nature to you.

    Now, how does this resonate with your own experience? Have you noticed moments where you've been aware of this radiant presence?