• Practicing the Yoga of Radiant Presence is about developing sensitivity to your own experience and noticing the actuality of what appears as your experience. It's about being actively engaged with the presence of your experience, outside of interpretation or any context you're holding it to be.

    You don't need to do anything special or contrive anything. There's no requirement to maintain any state of mind or achieve any special condition. The power lies in noticing this actuality, the presence of your experience. This noticing is transformative and does all the work.

    So, in essence, the practice involves being with this presence, noticing it, and allowing it to reveal itself to you. It's about letting yourself feel the fullness, the openness, the undefinability of this presence. As you do this, you'll find yourself spontaneously moving from a world of mental definition and interpretation into the actual world of complete transcendence.

    Remember, this isn't about learning to do something you're not doing or acquiring some new skill. You're always experiencing your experience. This field of radiant presence never goes away. It's about noticing what this field of radiant presence actually is.

    Now, how do you notice the presence in your daily life?