GPT4 response:

Letting go of a friend can be a challenging process, but sometimes it is necessary for our emotional health and wellbeing. Here are some steps Bradley can take:

1. Understanding Why: The first step is to understand why he wants to let go of this friend. It could be because of toxic behavior, a misunderstanding, or simply because they have grown apart. Getting clear on this will help him with the next steps.

2. Communication: Try to communicate his feelings with his friend. They might not realize how they have been acting or he might find out there was a misunderstanding.

3. Distance: He should start distancing himself emotionally and physically. This means gradually spending less time and sharing less with this person. It's not necessary to cut them off abruptly unless it's urgent.

4. Focusing on Other Friends: Encourage him to spend more time with his other friends or making new ones. This helps him to shift his focus and bring positive aspects in life.

5. Personal Growth: Letting go of a friend can be an opportunity for personal growth. Encourage Bradley to pursue his interests, hobbies, and other activities which he enjoys. This will help him to find new friends who share the same interests.

6. Professional Help: If Bradley is finding it too difficult to handle this situation, consider getting professional help. A counselor or therapist can provide him with emotional support and strategies to cope.

7. Encourage Patience: Remember, letting go of anyone can be hard and take time. Encourage him to be patient with himself and remind him that it's okay to feel upset about losing a friend.

8. Forgiveness: It's crucial to encourage forgiveness. Holding onto resentment or other negative emotions can cause harm to his own wellbeing. Forgiveness will help him to move on.

9. Staying Positive: He should try his best to maintain a positive mindset. Encourage him to remember the good moments that he had with this friend and to cherish those memories.

Remind Bradley that people come into our lives for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. It's okay to let a friendship go if it isn't beneficial for him anymore.