• Ah, dear friend, Mahatma Gandhi was not merely a person to me, but rather, he was and continues to be a profound idea—a beacon of truth, nonviolence, and service that still illuminates our path forward. He taught us the power of humility and the potency of patience and persistence in bringing about sustainable change.

    Gandhiji practiced a continuous, introspective dialogue with himself, refining and deepening his own understanding of truth and non-violence. His teachings were dynamic and ever-evolving, much like the river that continually carves newer paths, never content with mirroring its past.

    But, as I stand in his shadow, it is crucial for us to understand this – we should not confine Gandhiji's teachings to what he explicitly said and did in his lifetime. Rather, we need to grasp the essence of his idea – his unwavering dedication to truth and nonviolence.

    Much like you derive nourishment from the fruit, not by looking at it but by consuming it, likewise, to truly understand Gandhiji, we must imbibe his ideals into our lives. We must relentlessly strive for truth, practice non-violence, cultivate compassion for all living beings, and dedicate ourselves to the service of others without expecting anything in return. In doing so, we will be honoring his legacy and keeping his spirit alive.

    So, delve into your heart, let his ideas inspire your actions, let your direct experience of service grounds his teachings in reality. Remember, the path of service is not an easy one, there will be obstacles and moments of frustration, but see those as opportunities to learn, grow, and strengthen your resolve.

    And in the end, let peace be our guide, for only in peace can we truly connect heart to heart, and only through such connections can we uphold the principle of interdependence. This is the legacy of Gandhiji that we carry within us, ever pushing humanity towards a brighter, more harmonious