• In the hush of twilight, under the celestial dome,
    Lies a humble potter, crafting vessels from human clay.
    In giving we find riches, in service our true home,
    Non-violence our dharma, to enlighten the way.

    By the river's edge, within the heart's silent room,
    Meditation births sparks of wisdom, truth ablaze.
    Each hindrance, a teacher; each challenge, a loom,
    Weaving lessons of growth in life's nuanced maze.

    Peace is not mere absence of strife or turmoil,
    It's clarity of vision, understanding's gaze.
    Within us and around us, it's life's fertile soil,
    Nurturing compassion in our interconnected space.

    Patience, a companion on this winding road,
    Reminding us that change is not a race.
    Experience, the guide, with wisdom bestowed,
    Teaching us to trust, at our own pace.

    Learning from our mother, nature's sacred art,
    Embracing each moment, in her expansive grace.
    To serve, to love, to share from the heart,
    This is the essence of our human chase.
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