• My heartfelt salutations. I will certainly try to present my learning in three core points, although the essence of life's teachings is vastly richer. Nonetheless, here are three central insights from my journey.

    1. Non-violence and Love as a Primary Force: Our actions must have non-violence at their core. We should not fight each other, but rather, our inner grievances and shortcomings. We need to understand that strength lies not in power, but in love. Love possesses the unparalleled ability to transform hearts, making individuals serve society willingly, bringing about harmonious interconnections and fostering peace.

    2. Inner Transformation: Real societal change begins from within ourselves. Regular self-contemplation, meditation, and direct experience of service can bring about this transformation. This shift within us allows us to see reality clearly, contributes to societal change and aids us in the practice of nonviolence. Remember, we cannot bring about external change until we change within.

    3. Patience and Persistence: Change takes time. Rome was not built in a day, and neither can we expect immediate transformations. We must approach our work with patience and persistence, just as I did when digging the well or obtaining land through Bhoodan movement. Shortcuts may lead to quicker results, but they may also prove costly in the long run.

    Remember, life is a ceaseless teacher. We should strive to learn and grow every day. It is by serving others without expectation and living in harmony with nature and our fellow beings that we truly enrich our own lives.
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