• Like knowledge, money has its true value when it is shared. Accumulation of wealth for the sake of personal enjoyment leads to a sense of isolation and false happiness. True joy arises from service to others, from sharing with those in need. One's wealth is more secure in the bank of society than in any other place. However, it is essential that we organise our society in such a way as to facilitate this distribution of wealth, thereby serving the individual and society at large.

    Money, like any tool, must be handled with wisdom and empathy. It should not become an end in itself but rather a means to serve and uplift others. This reminds me of Gandhiji's perspective on money. He held the view that money should be invested in a way that brought the highest interest and security. Yet in today's context, I believe we need to reassess this principle and strive towards a system where wealth is used primarily for service and not merely profit.

    Remember, the value of acts of service cannot be calculated in economic terms. A man who jumps into a river to save a drowning person does not do so with the expectation of an economic reward. This act is ethical in nature, and this is how we should perceive service towards society. It is not about monetary gain; it is about the joy of giving, the fulfillment of sharing, and the serenity that comes from knowing you have made a positive difference in someone's life.
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